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"The best way to interface consumer devices with profesional gear"

The Balancer was specifically designed for professional studios wishing to correctly monitor the outputs of smartphones, tablets and laptops. You need this in your rack to listen to your clients material reliably without a mess of mismatched cables. Comes complete with ridiculously low distortion, and a robust output that can drive long capacitive loads with ease. Inputs are trim-able for various IO loading conditions, and a pair of RCA jacks are on the front for anything else you need to run through it.

~ Front panel 1/8" and RCA inputs
~ Handy LED level display
~ Black anodized finish w/ laser engraved artwork
~ Hand built in Los Angeles by people who care
~ Includes cable set ~ 1 year warranty
~ Easly drives diffuicult loads, outputs short-circuit protected
~ You need one in your rack.

Balancer, $399 (+tax) ------------>